Shen Yun Stages Last Show in Toronto

By Matthew Little

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Mr. and Mrs. Finlason and their two children all said they enjoyed Shen Yun. (The Epoch Times)

Mr. and Mrs. Finlason and their two children all said they enjoyed Shen Yun. (The Epoch Times)

TORONTO—Shen Yun Performing Arts staged its final Toronto show on Sunday to the delight of those in attendence.
Among them was a photographer and stage technician who turned his expert eye on the stage production and shared his thoughts with The Epoch Times.

“We often stage performances and record performances like this. We handle the lighting, the sound reproduction, the camera work, the delivery of material, the livecast, the podcast, live webcast and all that stuff,” explained Mr. Goldsmith.

“The choreography and sound reproduction is excellent. It’s a beautiful theatre. It’s my first time,” he said.

“It’s very nice, very very nice.”

“I think that it’s a good mix of backdrop and front stage lighting,” he added.

Mr. Goldsmith said he especially enjoyed the drumming performances. On Sunday, Shen Yun staged two numbers that included drumming. The second of those was Drummers of the Tang Court, a vigourous piece featuring the male dancers with Tang Dynasty drums.

“I’d like to see more of those,” he said, referring to the drumming pieces. He said he also enjoyed Welcoming Spring, a dance that features stunning bursts of colour.

“I think that visually, for me, the most appealing dance number was the Spring dance. Their fans become poppies. Very clever. Very nicely done.”

Besides the dancing and music, Mr. Goldsmith said he also enjoyed the show’s underlying themes, the history and the theatre of it.

“I have been very interested in classical Chinese theatre, history and culture for a long time. So, it’s very nice for me to be here and see it.”

Also in attendance at Sunday’s show were Mr. and Mrs. Finlason and their two children. Mr. Finlason operates a tourism business.

“It was a great show—all the colors, all the dancing and the singing—everything, it was beautiful,” he said.

“The cultural aspect, it’s so neat, it’s all storytelling—every dance tells a story. There’s a lot of drumming and instruments and the costumes—it’s just really neat. It’s something you wouldn’t really see in North American western dancing, so it’s very unique,” added Mrs. Finlason.

Shen Yun staged four shows during its run at the historic Canon Theatre in downtown Toronto. The company is scheduled to return to Toronto in January with an all-new program for 2010.

The Epoch Times is a proud sponsor of Shen Yun Performing Arts. For more information, visit

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Oct 11, 2009


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